Monday, February 17, 2014

magnetic Notice Boards – Great For Kids

Magnetic notice boards are most commonly associated with the classroom or office but they more and more often they are creeping into our homes and with good reason too. You may like the idea of having one in your kitchen, especially if your fridge is installed inside one of your kitchen cupboards because it's quite strange how much we rely on our fridge fronts to store memos. Magnetic notice boards are useful in your office too – a great way to create a little bit of organisation in something that can be a little bit of a disaster zone. It may well be forgotten however that your children might enjoy having a magnetic notice board in their bedroom.

It certainly is a way to encourage good old-fashioned games into your child's daily play and can be extremely educational. I remember the enjoyment me and my best friend got out of a large notice board she had in her bedroom – something I was always rather jealous of! We would spend hours playing teachers and I'm afraid to say we would even take home some of the spare sheets from school so we could create 'real' lessons. I have a collection of the exercise books in a memory box I found only a couple of weeks ago – certainly good memories.

The great thing about magnetic notice boards is the fact that they are extremely educational, and can allow your child to continue learning in a fun environment outside of school hours. Buying magnetic letters to place on the noticeboard is a great idea, it allows you to spell out words or funny sentences and when they get a little bit older you can purchase the magnetic word packs which mean that they can be a little bit more advanced and make up stories and poems.

Other than sticking magnets onto the notice board, you can of course also write on the boards with dry-wipe pens (they really can pretend to be teachers!). There are a range of colours available and it is very simply cleaned which is always a bonus.

And finally if your children are older and at secondary school they may be 'too cool' to play but they can use it as an organisational tool, especially when the homework starts flying in thick and fast. They can use it as a tick list or write when deadlines are so they can keep on top of their work easily.

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